Unlock Sustainable Growth in B2B with the BDX Playbook

Unifying Brand and Demand: The Next Step Forward for B2B Marketing

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In today’s B2B landscape, the ongoing separation of brand and demand is a major obstacle to achieving marketing effectiveness and sustainable growth. The BDX Playbook, developed by leading B2B experts at WARC, Stein IAS and LinkedIn, offers a revolutionary framework to overcome this challenge.


The Brand-to-Demand Experience (BDX) Framework:

The BDX Playbook introduces a comprehensive approach to unifying brand and demand.

The Case for a Unified Approach
Discover how the integration of brand and demand inevitably leads to more successful B2B marketing.
Introducing the BDX Model
Learn about the new operating model to enable B2B marketing teams to align their brand and demand efforts seamlessly.
Implementing the BDX Model 
Delve into the practical steps to put the BDX framework to work for your organization:
• Aligning your organizational structure
• Optimizing budget allocation
• Developing consistent creative platforms
• Orchestrating media channels effectively
• Utilizing the right tech tools and platforms
• Establishing metrics to optimize performance

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